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  • Growth

    Experience growth through real innovation and differentiation. Do what other service bureaus cannot do and go where others cannot follow.

    Revolutionize your service bureau from the inside out...don't settle for just another bolt-on product.

  • Get Insight

    Gain insight from data previously buried in your business.

    Use Insight4M3® to improve your bottom line and make your competition irrelevant.

    Sharpen your understanding of how to target profitable payroll client accounts.

    Get Insight!
  • Leadership

    Apply business intelligence technology in an outsourced payroll service bureau context and you get magic.

    Your magic!

    Take the initiative and let Blue Gecko Software show you how.

    Lead Your Market!
  • Got BI?

    The ground swell for Business Intelligence has been growing!

    There's a good reason why: your customers have a critical need to improve their own businesses

    With Insight4M3® you can finally deliver!

    Get Business Intelligence!
  • Unify Data

    Knock down reporting barriers caused by separate data silos in your service bureau's product and services offering.

    Unify disparate data sources into a cohesive analytical framework for your customers.

    Unify Disparate Data Sources!
  • Convergence

    Evolve your payroll service bureau and improve your brand recognition by supporting convergence between human resources, time clocks, employee benefits, and retirement services product offerings.

    Bring your full product and services mix to fruition

    Support Data Convergence!
  • Solve

    Offer your customers a world-class analytics platform that adds real business value by solving and addressing missing:

    Company Consolidation
    Inter-Year Analytical Span
    Fiscal Dating
    Hierarchies and Metadata
    Use OLAP Analytics!
  • Empower

    Turn lifeless transactional reporting into a powerful analytical tool by empowering your customers with their own dashboards and data visualizations

    Amp-up your green market message by converting customers from printed to web-based reporting!

    Give clients dashboards, not static transactional reports!
  • Acquisitions

    Support growth through acquisitions by using Insight4M3®'s powerful auditing framework for unparalleled command and control.

    Roll-up remote distributed data warehouses into a central powerhouse for complete visibility into field offices.

    Support Growth Through Acquisitions!

Finally! Payroll Outsourcing + Business Intelligence Converge Using Insight4M3®

Discover BI


Let Insight4M3™ transform your service bureau from the inside-out.  Give your internal management team the tools they need to grow.  Get insight from years of data buried in your payroll software.

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Go where others cannot follow by offering business intelligence solutions to your clients.  Solve reporting issues between data silos through back-end unification with Insight4M3™.

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Business intelligence is critical to your customers so they can gain new insight into their own businesses.  Now, you can empower them with sophisticated dashboards and visualizations.

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Our Passion Statement

With its flagship business intelligence product Insight4M3®, we provide independently owned and operated payroll service bureaus with improved competitive positioning and differentiation, which sets the stage for uncontested market growth opportunity and new business wins.

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